Getting Started

Free initial consultation

To schedule the free initial consultation, please call (720) 675-8185. The consultation will take a 1/2 hour. Here’s what we will do:

  1. Review your initial paperwork (~10 minutes)
  2. Briefly discuss what brought you to therapy and what you can expect (~20 minutes)

This consultation does not obligate you to proceed. We are simply interviewing each other. At the end of the consultation, we will discuss whether there is a fit.

Ongoing treatment

Therapy looks different for each individual; I meet you where you are at in your process of change. However, below is some information about my approach to therapy.

  • I work to create an open, comfortable place to discuss the difficult issues that brought you to therapy
  • Sessions are structured based on your goals
  • I track symptoms as a way to measure our progress
  • Treatment is modified based on your feedback and response to intervention
  • I believe change happens when you are able to identify what triggers the unhelpful patterns in your life and when you are able to integrate new ways of coping
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